About Me

Hey Friends!

My name is Leigha (pronounced like Leah, not like the princess from Star Wars).

I live in Michigan with my Canadian husband and our dog, Moose (also find Moose on Instagram at @mooseofthehoose).

Mr. Canada and I have been married since Spring 2015. I’m the person in our relationship that isn’t good at remembering birthdays and anniversaries, including our own. I have no idea why that is, but I know a few key birthdays and anniversaries (my parents, for example) that I have known since I was a kid and have trouble remember dates I have learned more recently. All that to say – you probably won’t be getting a birthday card from me. 🙂

I am a Michigander through and through. I grew up in rural, northern Michigan and have since moved to a more urban part of the state. My parents are still up north – which is great for weekend getaways. In fact, when most people are going south for holidays, we are going north – it makes for easier travel.

My degree and career are in occupational therapy. I work in a great public school system near me helping kiddos improve their fine motor skills, upper body coordination, and sensory processing skills. Working with kids in the school environment is definitely the job I was called to do – although there are quirks about every job, as a general rule, I love every minute!

Mr. Canada and I are very involved in our church. I run the sound board as well as being the worship leader – I’m even branching out and singing more often! I have had various other jobs and responsibilities in my time there – pretty much whatever needs an extra hand.

As far as sewing, I had sewn a few things with my aunts growing up – they were wonderful teachers and made for great memories. Sewing on my own wasn’t something I got really into until after college. In fact, I didn’t really have any hobbies until after I finished my degree. I received my first sewing machine as a bridal shower present from an aunt. But it was pretty much a love at first sight type of thing as soon as I had finished my first project. Until beginning this blog, I’ve mainly stuck to easier projects. Things I knew I couldn’t mess up too badly.

Which brings me to the reason for this blog. Follow along as I challenge myself to not buy any clothing this year (some exceptions my apply) and instead sew whatever I need! You probably want to stay tuned – there are sure to be some great bloopers!

Thanks for checking in – can’t wait to share my year – and beyond with you.