About the Blog

In the fall, a guest pastor at our church said something that hit me hard. It was something to the effect of this: The Western culture says that it’s fine to learn things from textbooks or just the theories behind things rather than actually trying the activity. Obviously you can’t try everything (it would be a mighty expensive trip to learn about the moon by taking a rocket up there), but he was referencing more practical things like growing your own food (and challenging yourself to grow enough to live off), raising animals for meat, building your own wooden furniture – those types of things. His point was that yes, it may be hard or require some sacrifice, but how better to learn something or to know if you could be successful.

I mulled over that idea A LOT for the next couple of weeks after that Sunday church service. Over and over I thought, “is there ANYTHING I do that really challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and trust that God will provide?” The answer, if I was honest with myself, was no – I live fairly comfortably in my corner of the world.

But what could I do to challenge myself in a skill, learn by doing, and trust that God will give me what I need? Our yard is far too small for a garden big enough to live off just what it produces, and we are not about to move (we haven’t been in this house for long) and we don’t own a ton of tools – it would be an expensive choice to start woodworking. I needed something a bit more humble and money-conscious. Then it dawned on me: I could choose not to buy clothes from a store and instead sew all my own clothes for a year. Just to see if I could do it. I’ll probably skip making jeans, as I only have a basic sewing machine, and may purchase underclothing, depending on how making them goes…

Other than that, I’m quitting H&M cold turkey  😶

Follow along as I take this journey in 2017. There are sure to be some great successes, and some pretty funny bloopers. I’m excited to meet you all and share my experiences of 2017 and beyond with you.