Meet Moose

Hey guys! Moose here!

My mom told me you guys might want to know a bit about me, since I am a big part of the family. Mom and Dad adopted me from a rescue in June 2016. Before that I had been a stray and nobody knows if I was ever a part of a family or anything. Even though mom was the one that was most excited about getting a dog, it was dad that fell instantly in love with my adorable face.

Long story short, they decided to bring me home, and I have loved every minute (the food is a plus too).

I’m a black lab and shar pei mix. The vet thinks I was born in 2015, give or take. Here are some things I like:

  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • Treats
  • Eating snow
  • Eating icicles and ice cubes
  • Chewing on bones
  • Playing keep away with my toys
  • Power snuggles: licking peoples ears so hard they can’t even help but love me
  • Regular snuggles – my favorite is naps on the couch with mom
  • Walks
  • Sleeping

See you soon for playtime!