About Moose

As told by Maple, the cat.

Hello everyone. Maple the cat here. Apparently I’m supposed to tell you about my big brother, Moose.

Really, I don’t know what’s so special about him – he doesn’t sneak his food to me. In fact, he’s often really protective of his food EVEN if he doesn’t want to eat it. What kind of brotherly love is that??

But he loves going places with mom and dad – which gives me some much needed privacy to do kitty things. Sometime they go just around town and sometimes they go travelling out of town, but either way Moose loves it and I can go about my day without any dog breath. Pretty good luck for me if I do say so myself.

And he doesn’t seem to bother my favorite cat toys. He has his own toys and bones that he likes and he doesn’t seem to care that my toys are obviously superior in many ways – none of his smell like delicious catnip.

We do have a few things in common, I guess. But don’t tell him.

Moose LOVES – like in the biggest, dorkiest way possible – LOVES meeting people. He comes off as pretty scary when he sees a person (read: loud and annoying), but it’s actually just because he wants to meet that person. He loves them so much even before he meets them. I keep telling him he should at least sniff the person first, but of course he ignores my advice…

However, it does irk me that mom and dad let him go outside. I mean, he goes outside to poop, which I would never think of doing, but he also gets to adventure around the yard. I never get to do that. I have to be on a stupid leash if I go outside.

But I do like snuggling on mom and dad’s bed with him. He’s pretty warm and sometimes he even lets me lick his ears clean. I mean, somebody’s got to take care of the poor guy.