The Canadian’s Knife. Episode 2

Mr. Canada and I have finally taken the “middle-aged” plunge and started doing weekly date night. We tested it out for a couple of weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays. Seemed like the pretty standard, go-out-to-eat (at the same 3 restaurants like always), talk-about-your-day-at-work boring, grown-up kind of date night. And while there isn’t anything wrong with the standard dinner-and-movie date night, that just isn’t us.

Enter: The Canadian’s Knife

We’ve decided it would be way more fun to take the opportunity to use date night as a way to try all of the restaurants, breweries, and activities we have wanted to try. I decided we should document.

On this episode of the Canadian’s Wife we stopped in at Fuzzy’s for dinner.

Fuzzy’s is this small, hole-in-the-wall diner planted between a doctor’s office and… who knows what. It has furniture you’d expect to see at a diner along with an ice cream parlor built right in on the side. What’s better – there are SO MANY different ice cream choices. It’s a family owned business that dates back a while. The original owner had several business in the area. The little diner stuck through it all and lives on with some tasty, home-cooked meals.

In fact, Mr. Canada and I both had the chicken and dumpling soup. It was definitely not from a can. Neither was the very fluffy foldover bread our sandwiches came on. And of course, they had Johnny’s famous rice pudding – recipe straight from the original owner – so Mr. Canada ate a bowl of that for dessert. He basically went straight from 32 years old to 87 right before my eyes. He was so pleased with himself.

After dinner, we headed home had a good, old fashioned game night at the kitchen table.

This is not the first time either of us had been to Fuzzy’s, but it had been a long time. They certainly did not disappoint, either way. Mr. Canada and I give this episode of The Canadian’s Knife four maple syrups out of five.

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