The Canadian’s Knife. Episode 1

Now that Mr. Canada is bi-vocational, and I have various jobs, along with all of the other things we do on the side, we finally decided that we should break down and have a dedicated “date night.”

So we tested it out for a couple of weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays. Seemed like the pretty standard, go-out-to-eat (at the same 3 restaurants like always), talk-about-your-day-at-work boring, grown-up kind of date night.

While there isn’t anything wrong with the standard dinner-and-movie date night, that just isn’t us.

Enter: The Canadian’s Knife

We’ve decided it would be way more fun to take the opportunity to use date night as a way to try all of the restaurants, breweries, and activities we have wanted to try, but always forget. I decided we should document.

On this episode of The Canadian’s Knife we opted to use an Applebee’s gift card. It seemed fitting after the spending of Christmas (and standing up in a wedding the weekend before). Buuut, then we had a raving time walking around the nearest craft store – anything we saved with the gift card was spent in fabric…

It happened to be unlimited fries and cheap drinks night. Our super awesome waitress let us in on a cool trick – order veggies as the first round of sides and then fries will come out after that. Definitely the way to go. Mr. Canada had a whiskey burger along with buttery broccoli and a Blue Moon. On my plate was a Quesadilla burger with garlic green beans and a blue hawaiian.

Don’t worry – the ketchup is for the fries, not the green beans 😉

The broccoli didn’t even last long enough on Mr. Canada’s plate for a photo.

Post dinner, we went to walk off a couple of calories at the nearest craft store. Mr. Canada found this very dashing hat… basket. I, of course, found some fabric in the discount bins that I could not pass up.

Between good burgers, cheap drinks, unlimited fries with a bit of veggies snuck in, and pretty fabric, Mr. Canada and I give this episode of The Canadian’s Knife a 3.5 out of 5 maple syrups.

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