Hello My Name Is!

I recently made a video on my Facebook group introducing myself and introducing the group. Here it is in text form (not word for word, of course):

Hello! My name is Leigha. You may know me from this blog, or maybe from another way – Facebook, Instagram, church, or some other way. If you followed along at all in 2017, you probably know that I challenged myself to a year of purchasing no ready-to-wear clothing from the store, but instead make anything I needed or wanted. Long story short, I did it! And the experience gave me a new appreciation for the environment, being frugal, valuing quality (over quantity, in most cases), finding that personal stress is decreased when you own fewer things, health, and self-esteem/self-love. Not the kind of self-love that says “I’m so great. I’m better than everyone else,” but the kind of self-love that gives a person confidence, the kind that allows you to encourage others.

As I was learning these types of things along the way, I tried to incorporate some new changes to my lifestyle. I knew these things would be best for me and best for me to be a good steward of the Earth God put in our care. However, I’m a super practical and pragmatic, so I knew I would never stick with the changes if they were too complicated or too involved – the changes had to be easy to implement if I was going to do any of them long term.

But to clarify, I’m not talking about cheap cop out changes. I mean, in some cases the changes were cheaper than what I had been doing previously, but in no way were they cop outs, and in many cases they weren’t significantly cheaper.

So I created my Facebook page as another way for me to share the products I’ve found or created along the way, ideas, tips and tricks, recipes, and more to help you all on whatever journey you may find yourself on.

Thanks for taking the time to hangout here – I’m excited to get to know you all better!

Enjoy your day!


Canadian Rockies Part 2

As promised, here are some more photos of our wonderful trip to the Canadian Rockies this summer. Of course, there were tons of photos to choose from, but I can’t post them all.

They are not in any sort of order, so if you have questions about any particular photo or hike, comment below!

What’s on your travel bucket list?

Canadian Adventures

This summer Mr. Canada and I went on the longest trip of our married lives so far. As if that wasn’t fun enough, add in most of Mr. Canada’s family. There were 16 of us in total, which is still not the entire family (there are 7 from his immediate family who didn’t come/hike). It’s a big family and the 23 only include Mr. Canada’s parents, us and his siblings/significant others and the siblings’ children.

Anyway, the reason for the trip was hiking in the Canadian Rockies.


The beginning of course was just a lot of car travel and some site seeing.

This is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We walked over that tall train bridge behind us in the photo.

These were the hoodoos in Drum Heller, Alberta.

Then we stopped at some strange dinosaur. It was pretty cool.

The dino was pretty big. You could pay a couple of dollars to walk up through the dinosaur and take pictures in his mouth.

Finally, we arrived in Canmore, Alberta to start hiking. Stay tuned for photos of the hikes!

Where in The World is The Canadian’s Wife?

Where have I been…?

Boy… where HAVE I been. So my posts have been pretty sporadic lately. I’ve been doing a lot of things. Unfortunately, sewing has not really been one of them.

First things first, work was REALLY busy. The end of the year at school is busy. And you can say you understand, but unless you’ve actually worked in the school setting in some capacity, there’d really be no way for you to know. Long story short, I (and everyone at school) have really worked to earn our summer break. And man, will I need it.

However, I HAVE been working on some really great, God-honoring projects. Enter: Project Piti Pami. The brainchild of one of my best friends (and bridesmaids at my wedding). And let me tell you, I am honored to be a part of the ground work for this beautiful non-profit.

To give you an idea of what this organization is about here is a short snippet of our story straight from our Facebook page:

“Project Piti Pami (or 3P for short) is a US-based nonprofit organization with plans to promote sustainable healthcare and wellness for the people of Haiti through community health education and training.

Our name was inspired by Matthew 25:40, which reads “… whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” In Creole (the primary language of Haitian people), “least of these” can be translated roughly to “piti pami”. As our mission is quite literally to serve the less fortunate, we found the name to be a perfect fit.

3P was brought to life through Executive Director Jordan Place’s involvement with the Haiti Medical Project during a series of short-term mission trips. After volunteering in one of HMP’s mobile medical clinics and speaking with the physicians who ran them, she learned of the significant challenges they faced in providing care to their patients – all of which stem primarily from lack of resources.

3P plans to partner with HMP to help meet these needs by 1) promoting preventative health and medical education initiatives in Haiti, 2) advocating for the HMP and fostering support for their projects, and 3) providing service that empowers the people of Haiti to make positive, lasting change in their own communities.”

I’ve been selected as the public relations director. So you’ll see me over on that page quite a bit. Hint: come check it out!

If you feel called to give, you totally can! We are a 501(c)3 pending organization – which means that any monetary donation you give is tax exempt. Woot!

If you feel called to pray, we need prayers too.

If you feel called to volunteer in some capacity, get a hold of me and I can put you in touch with the right people 🙂

Just thought you all may want to follow along with my adventures. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to update you on some other adventures I’ve started too!

~The Canadian’s Wife

Pattern Review: 5 out of 4 Ninja Leggings



(so if I could do better or I missed something, let me know)

5 out of 4 (affiliate link throughout) Ninja leggings are AWESOME!

Honestly, they are so easy. Cut. Leg seams. Gusset/font and back seams. DONE. An entire pair of leggings completed in no time!

On our recent trip to San Diego, California.

Sewing in the gusset is the hardest part, but the wonderful people at 5oo4 save the day and have created a video to help us all out.

Sorry, my leggings aren’t actually different lengths, my legs are (real story) – I forgot to adjust the bottoms before I took the photo.

I sewed up a size M without any modifications. The only thing I did a little differently than typical was to make my own bottom ankle line between the regular and the long – I like my leggings a little bit longer on me.

When your leggings match the statue…

This pattern would be so easy if you had to grade between sizes or something.

Cost: $9.95 from the website without a code. However, if you join their Facebook group you can get a code for a SUPER discount (one that you cannot refuse)! Hint Hint!

On our recent trip to San Diego, California.

I hemmed up the bottom of my leggings per the pattern. I know that there are lots of people who don’t bother – I might not for the next pair(s).

Let’s see – I think that might be it. If you have questions let me know!

On our recent trip to San Diego, California.